Santa Marta is a paradise for sun and sea lovers, with many options for all tastes. Whether you are looking for a secluded natural beach to relax or a more commercially visited beach.

The beaches of Santa Marta are considered the most beautiful in Colombia, with transparent waters and white sand, they offer visitors a variety of activities, from swimming and sunbathing to trekking, windsurfing or canopy among others.

If you are looking for the best beach in Santa Marta, you will have heard of the beaches of Tayrona, Taganga or El Rodadero; these three destinations offer a unique charm and perfect weather all year round.

The Best Beaches in Santa Marta You Must See

playas del parque tayrona

The Beaches of Tayrona National Park

The first thing to do is to visit the beaches of the Tayrona Park, each with a unique landscape, visited by domestic and foreign tourists throughout the year, these Tayrona beaches are characterized by their white sand and crystal clear waters; there are also many hiking trails to explore.

Eco Hotel Yachay Tayrona is the best place to stay in Santa Marta if you want to visit the best beaches of the Tayrona Park.

playa cristal santa marta

Playa Cristal Santa Marta

Located in the Tayrona Park in the Neguanje sector, Playa Cristal is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Santa Marta, ideal for a day of rest and relaxation, enjoying its warm waters.

This Tayrona beach is an ideal destination for swimming, sunbathing and snorkeling. There are also several restaurants and tents in the area for visitors to enjoy Caribbean cuisine.

La Piscina Parque Tayrona

The Swimming Pool Tayrona Park

Beautiful Playa de Arrecifes beach with an impressive natural pool located within the Tayrona National Park; this beach receives its name from the coral reefs and cliffs that border the coastline generating an ideal place for swimming, sunbathing and bathing without any danger, since it is a permitted area for bathers.

playa cabo san juan del guia

Cabo San Juan Beach

One of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia, it is located within the Tayrona Park and is worth an ecological hike to get there; with crystal clear waters and plenty of space to relax, it is no wonder that this is one of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia.

Visitors can enjoy many activities such as trekking, swimming, diving, sunbathing and even camping; if you want to know how to get to Cabo San Juan, follow the link.

taganga santa marta

Taganga Santa Marta

Taganga beach is one of the best known beaches in Santa Marta, it is a destination to observe the culture of the people, as both Samarians and tourists from all over the world gather here to enjoy the sun, swim or just take a walk along the shore of the beach.

Taganga is a fishing village located just 20 minutes from Santa Marta; this beach is the most backpacker friendly in Colombia and is an excellent spot to explore the Tayrona National Park by boat.

We also find in this destination, a number of restaurants for all types and bars located in this town, so it is easy to find something to eat or drink at any time.

playa grande taganga

Playa Grande Taganga

Playa Grande is a wonderful-hidden destination on the other side of Taganga, so it is not very popular among national tourists; it is known for its mountainous trails that offer an incredible view of the sea.

It can be reached by walking from Taganga (15 to 25 minutes) up the mountainous hills or by boat from Taganga (15 minutes); on this beach there are several restaurants with many gastronomic options.

Playa el Rodadero Santa Marta

El Rodadero Beach Santa Marta

El Rodadero is a popular tourist destination in Colombia. It is a favorite spot for many Colombians who have never seen the sea, and has become even more popular with its new modifications to allow people to enjoy the beach. It is an irresistible destination if you are looking for sun, beach, atmosphere and good seafood.

The rodadero has several attractions or depending on what you are looking for, we can start with a tour in the famous CHIVA RUMBERA that will give you a tour with good vallenata music to sweeten your heart of the coastal flavor, you can go to the aquarium, learn about many fish or enjoy the water attractions known colloquially as the GUSANITO which consists of an inflatable balloon which throws you into the sea.

The good food you can find is very varied, seafood is the main attraction to the foreign palate or national visitors, there are different points in the rodadero where they sell a very good and authentic ceviche to the coast, but that’s not all, its wide variety of restaurants to suit every taste.

At night it becomes party mode, its main road and every street takes on color at night with music, balloons and parties at various points for all those who want to feel alive.

playa blanca santa marta

Playa Blanca Santa Marta

This paradisiacal place is located right next to the Rodadero beaches in Santa Marta; the name “Playa Blanca” is the common name of several beach resorts around the world, this Caribbean destination is synonymous with relaxation, rest and comfort; extraordinary destinations such as Cartagena or Panama have their own Playa Blanca; Santa Marta could not be an exception.

To get to Playa Blanca, there are two options, from El Rodadero by boat (a fifteen minute trip) or a thirty minute walk through the hills overlooking the beach.

While in this destination, tourists can swim, sunbathe and even practice water sports or adventure activities such as canopy, very popular in the city of Santa Marta; you will also find several food options typical of the northern region of the country.

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