If you plan to visit the Tayrona National Park in Colombia, take a moment to discover how to get to Cabo San Juan. Any traveler on vacation in the city wants to discover the Tayrona National Park, and what better idea than visiting one of the best beaches in Santa Marta?
The wonderful Cabo San Juan beach has everything you need to enjoy your visit to Tayrona, a destination with great Caribbean charm that will completely make you fall in love.

Where is Cabo San Juan del Guia?

Cabo San Juan Santa Marta provides a relaxing and pleasant experience for tourists who visit the pearl of the Caribbean every year. A hidden paradise that you should know, located within the Tayrona National Park, where you can find a beautiful paradisiacal landscape and a huge blue sea that will delight you when you arrive at this site, where the natural settings are the greatest attraction of this magnificent beach.

You will recognize this beautiful destination, because it is the only beach in Tayrona Park that is surrounded by a lot of vegetation and there is a rocky hill in the middle of the sea with a cabin on top that has one of the most impressive views of Colombia.

Cabo San Juan is a destination where you will find a wide area of campsites so that national and foreign tourists can enjoy their beach experience much more and stay in a hammock or camp for days.

In Cabo San Juan Tayrona you can visit the restaurant to eat the fruits of the Colombian Caribbean, they also sell canned goods and groceries, you will have activities that you can access, such as ecological walks, hiking and guided tours so you can fully enjoy this tourist destination.

How to get to Cabo San Juan from Santa Marta

If you wonder how to go to Cabo San Juan and you don’t know how to go to this tourist destination in Santa Marta, which can offer you beautiful natural settings and crystal clear sea beaches to spend a totally different day, here we will tell you how to visit Cabo San Juan Tayrona and if you spend the night at our Hotel Yachay we will give you all the recommendations, tips, advice and the best route for you to get to know the best beaches in Tayrona Park and all its tourist attractions.

Do you know what are the two ways to go to Cabo San Juan Tayrona?

Cabo San Juan by boat from Taganga

You go to the fishing village of Taganga, which is where boats depart every day to many destinations in Tayrona Park, Cabo San Juan will be the option to take and the duration of the sea trip is approximately one hour.

The journey to Cabo San Juan by boat from Taganga has an approximate cost of $150,000 COP per person, round trip transportation. “The entrance fee to the Park is not paid”

The boats start the tour at 10:00 AM and return to Taganga at 5:00 PM, if your intention is not to return the same day, you can only negotiate one-way transportation and stay in campsites or in some lodging place. Boat transportation to Tayrona Park is through the open sea and is a trip full of adrenaline.


Excursion to Cabo San Juan del Guia

Traveling by land is an option to make the journey from Santa Marta to Tayrona Park. Travelers can take a bus, taxi, or private car. Approximate travel time is one hour by taxi and one and a half hours by bus. After paying the entrance fee to the Park, travelers will arrive at the Cañaveral parking lot, where the ecological walk begins.

The excursion-type tour lasts approximately 2 to 3 hours and starts in the cane fields along a path typical of Tayrona, during the walk you will be surrounded by trees and thick vegetation, until you go to the reef sector where the ecosystem is a bit dry and you will be closer to the sea. During the journey you will visit beaches such as the natural pool and arenillas. Then you continue with the walk until you reach Cabo San Juan, one of the best beaches in Santa Marta.


Camping Cabo San Juan

As soon as you get to know the beautiful beach of Cabo San Juan you will not want to leave the same day, we recommend camping in the Cabo San Juan camping area, with only 100,000 pesos you can rent a large tent for two people per night, if you bring your own tent they will charge you only the space for only $30,000 COP.
If you want something cheaper, you can sleep in hammocks that cost an average of $40,000 COP and $50,000 COP per night so you can enjoy your experience much more.