Yachay Tayrona is a very special tourist destination, with a charm that makes you fall in love, as our visitors call us, the “ Hidden Gem within the Tayrona Park.
We are located within the Tayrona National Park , 700 meters from the main entrance of the Zaino and we are the best option for your vacations in Tayrona, we have a tourist information point where we offer exclusive Yachay Tayrona activities .
We toast ecotourism services and excellent customer service, we are an establishment that is surrounded by jungle, ideal to connect with nature, we offer totally comfortable rooms with WIFI internet in common areas, ideal for you to go with your whole family and enjoy the best cuisine in the Caribbean , we have a hydromassage Jacuzzi to relax after long walks, it is a great place that you should take into account as the first option when looking for a hotel in the Tayrona National Park.

The name of our brand YACHAY, is a word of Quechua origin that means knowledge or wisdom ; It also refers to experiencing or experiencing as complements for understanding, we think that nature is the first source of knowledge that the human being should have.

Our vision

Our vision is to be leaders in the provision of ecotourism services, promoting environmental and cultural awareness, achieving wide recognition for the experience of our customers.

Our mission

To offer to all our national and foreign guests, services and facilities ideal for rest, contact, admiration and knowledge of nature within the Tayrona National Natural Park, respecting and preserving the natural and cultural environment, thus achieving full satisfaction for their welfare.


Lodging and Comfort

Our Eco Hotel Yachay Tayrona is ecological accommodation that has comfortable rooms for the comfort and rest of couples, families and groups of friends who want to visit the Tayrona National Natural Park in Santa Marta.


Healthy and Delicious Food

Yachay Restaurant prepares delicious gastronomic dishes typical of the Colombian Caribbean, with fresh and healthy ingredients. We have a varied menu for vegetarians and people who are not lovers of fish and shellfish.


Hiking and Exclusive Tours

We are specialists in Nature Tourism and ecotourism activities inside and outside the Tayrona Park: interpretive hiking, flora and fauna observation, walks to the Tayrona beaches, bird watching and visits to indigenous communities.

Bird Watching

Endemic Bird Watching

Yachay Tayrona is an Ecological destination within the Tayrona Natural Park, where we find a wide variety of birds to observe, we also organize exclusive bird watching tours in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Our Sustainable Tourism Policy

Committed to sustainable tourism development, YACHAY TAYRONA offers its national and foreign visitors its ecotourism facilities and services for the perfect contact, admiration and knowledge of nature, promoting preservation and conservation, reducing and eliminating negative impacts to it, building values such as respect, environmental awareness and culture and emphasizing local participation, ownership and economic development opportunity for the region. “We promote a greater understanding and appreciation for nature.”

Activities and Sustainable Actions that Yachay Tayrona Implements

Reduction in the use of plastics : We reduce the consumption of single-use plastics.

We apply an improvement plan to achieve goals in our environmental behavior.

Minimize negative impacts both on the environment and on local populations.

Our activities are complementary to the economic activities of the local population.

Contribution to the preservation and conservation of Biodiversity within the Tayrona National Park.

All the light bulbs at the Eco Hotel Yachay Tayrona have low electricity consumption .

All taps at the Eco Hotel have aerators to save water consumption .

We promote the conservation of the environment , we promote environmental interest.

We use reusable materials , such as tablecloths and cloth napkins in the Restaurant.

Waste Management: While reuse and recycling are important, reducing our waste and disposing of it properly is critical to a sustainable future; Eco Yachay Tayrona is a lodge within the Tayrona Park committed to responsible and ecological tourism in every way.

As Tour Operators , Yachay Tayrona offers ecotourism activities for guests to enjoy exclusive tours such as: horseback riding, tour to the Tayrona Park beaches, snorkeling, bird watching tours, hiking, ecological walks and visit to communities. natives.

We promote local agriculture : We strive to find and consume products grown by farms and small producers from nearby territories, these are included in our menus. In addition, we promote the crafts that are produced in the area, so that our guests can directly support the local economy.

Ecological Principles

Laying the foundations of our company with ecological values has given us the opportunity to contribute directly to the conservation of nature in our area. We declare a firm commitment to sustainability, working to promote the development of the natural environment of Tayrona Park, in order to ensure a healthy environment and social well-being for future generations.